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“la bandera más bella que existe”: solidaridad irlandesa con cuba

Este es un documental sobre el día de solidaridad en Belfast, Irlanda, con el pueblo cubano. La bandera cubana más grande del mundo fue desplegada el 11 de junio en la montaña sobre Belfast como parte de una campaña contra el bloqueo ilegal yanqui de Cuba. Los miembros de Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland trabajaron junto […]

Desde montaña irlandesa ondea una gigante bandera cubana con un mensaje claro al presidente Biden: “UNBLOCKCUBA”.

By Hugo Ramos, Cuban Ambassador to Ireland Es un placer para mí como embajador de Cuba en Irlanda compartir con nuestros amigos de la Red en Defensa de la Humanidad esta breve reseña sobre uno de los acontecimientos solidario más emocionante del cual hemos tenido el privilegio de ser testigo.    Una gigante bandera cubana, las […]

The Bolivian diaspora in the UK organizes a festival to denounce international interference

By Nathália Urban It is not surprising that the European Union has passed a resolution in the European Parliament calling for the release of former dictator Jeanine Áñez and coup ministers, held in pre-trial detention during investigations into the coup process, which resulted in two indigenous massacres and at least 35 deaths. The EU Parliament […]

Statement by the Irish chapter of REDH calling upon all irish meps to oppose attempts by right-wing parliamentarians to peddle lies about cuba

Statement from the Irish Chapter of The Network in Defence of Humanity opposing the recent efforts by right-wing MEPs to regurgitate US-manufactured and US-funded lies about Cuba. We call upon all Irish MEPs to publicly oppose these manoeuvres and to instead call for concerted international action to end the illegal US blockade of Cuba: this […]

Revolution, the most beautiful work by Raúl Castro

by Abel Prieto, President of La Casa de las Américas This most valuable, important, and transcendent book that we present today has been compiled and edited with particular care by the Office of Historical Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba, and it is the first title of its publishing label Ediciones Celia, […]

“Bolívar’s thinking is based on the need for human progress”

A conversation between Alex Anfruns and Christine Pic-Gillard, author of a new study: Bolívar (Ellipses, 2020) The political and humanist stature of Simón Bolívar, leading figure of the Liberation of Latin America, continues to powerfully inspire the left movements of the continent. Simón Bolívar, a 19th century Venezuelan statesman, embodied the progressive ideals of South […]

Declaration of Solidarity with Palestine

By the International Committee of Peace, Justice and Dignity Amongst Peoples Palestine and Arab Jerusalem Are Not Alone! We Are All Palestinians! The images and photographs of dead Palestinian children, the desecration of Palestinian holy sites such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the destruction of Palestinian homes and infrastructure shake the world once again. The […]


By Louise Richards With approval ratings for the government of Daniel Ortega and the FSLN consistently high, it is looking increasingly likely that they will be re-elected in November 2021. A national M&R Consultores poll conducted in March 2021 found that 6 in 10 Nicaraguans support the government, while 2 out of 10 respondents support […]


The Irish Chapter of the Network in Defence of Humanity is glad to join the rest of the international secretariat in signing this message of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Our internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people We send our fraternal embrace to those who resist in the streets of Jerusalem, in the West Bank, […]

R.R. Madden and Juan Francisco Manzano: Ireland, Cuba and the Cultural Politics of Transatlantic Solidarity

By Aaron Kelly For Hugo Ramos and Soraya T. Jaime The cultural and political partnership between the Irish abolitionist, Richard Robert Madden [1798-1886], and the Cuban writer and former slave, Juan Francisco Manzano [1797-1854], flourished into Madden’s English-language translations of some of Manzano’s work as part of a compendium of materials published in 1840 that […]


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