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Ireland versus the Blockade

As Cuba once again brings its resolution against the illegal, inhumane US blockade before the UN General Assembly, Irish people and Cubans living in Ireland raise their voices to join the chorus of international support for Cuba, together with the overwhelming majority of the world’s peoples, in opposing this criminal collective punishment which violates international […]

Revolution and human development

By Stephen Sefton Three years ago, at the Summit on Sustainable Development Goals on September 25, 2019, the Nicaraguan representation observed: “In order to comply with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is necessary to establish a new economic and financial model, and create new production and consumption patterns consistent with sustainable lifestyles and […]

‘An alternative that puts people first’: Witnessing Nicaragua

By Aidrean Ó Gallchobhair My Experience of Nicaragua I had wanted to go to Nicaragua since late 2019 after I had visited Cuba. In 2020 I really hoped to go but the Pandemic hit. So my plans were scrapped for that year. When the restrictions lifted in 2021 I said to myself that 2022 will […]

Celebración del aniversario del 26 de julio: Un mensaje de solidaridad con Cuba del Capítulo Irlandés de La Red en Defensa de la Humanidad

Un mensaje de solidaridad con el pueblo cubano en nombre del Capítulo Irlandés de la Red en Defensa de la Humanidad, con contribuciones de Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland, The Workers Party, Sinn Féin y La PCOA. Celebramos el aniversario del 26 de julio y reafirmamos nuestra solidaridad y compromiso. Llamamos a poner fin al bloqueo […]

An Interview with Jorge Fornet, Literary Director of La Casa de las Américas

Aaron Kelly, from the Network in Defence of Humanity, interviews Jorge Fornet, Literary Director of La Casa de Las Américas, the world’s leading institute of cultural anti-imperialism and decolonisation, which was founded by the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and continues to be a beacon of revolutionary culture for the world. Part of the Féile an […]

An Interview with Carlos Fernández de Cossío Domínguez, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba

A conversation between Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Carlos Fernández de Cossío Domínguez, and Aaron Kelly from the Network in Defence of Humanity. Minister de Cossío discusses the ongoing damage wrought by the US blockade, and Cuba’s anti-imperialist resistance and vision of a multipolar world based on respect, cooperation, and equality.  Organiser: The Network in Defence of […]

Ecuador in Revolt: An Interview with Irene León

By José Ernesto Navaez Guerrero The current situation in Ecuador has numerous interconnections with the country’s recent past and with what is happening on a regional scale. Once again, Latin America is the scene of a fierce dispute where, beyond the many nuances that can be attributed to any heterogeneous social process, the guiding framework is […]

ALBA and Nicaragua – defending solidarity in a divided world

By Stephen Sefton Controversy has dogged this June’s United States government organized Summit of the Americas. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela had already given up on the OAS, seriously damaging the credibility of the Organization of American States as a trustworthy hemispheric forum for the countries North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. However many countries […]


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