The Blockade of Venezuela

A full account of the coercive measures attacking Venezuela and its people. The United States and its allies have waged an inhumane and murderous campaign to try and destroy Venezuela’s sovereignty, economy and society: all because the Bolivarian Revolution has stood up to imperialism. The booklet clearly details the scope and range of the coercive measures, as well as their human cost. These measures are a collective punishment for the Venezuela people for having the dignity, self-respect and fortitude to defy an empire. Dressed up as “sanctions”, these coercive measures betray the “rules-based order” and international laws that imperialism claims to defend. They are attempts at regime change, as with the coercive measures targeting other countries like Cuba, punishing peoples who refuse to accept imperialist rule. These measures have directed killed tens of thousands of people and if international law was currently more than just a convenient fiction, then those responsible for enforcing these punishments would be in court. The US and its allies across Europe and the world have no right to punish the Venezuela people, nor to determine for themselves the future of Venezuela. Imperialism needs to be defeated. End the blockade of Venezuela now!