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War Propaganda: A Century old story

An Interview with Julien Papp By Alex Anfruns Are you satisfied with the official centenary of the First World War? Did it help you understand the real causes of the war, as well as the massive propaganda mechanisms that led to this butchery? In this twenty-first century, with the drums of war sounding again, it […]

Partition: 100 Years of Sectarianism in Ireland

By Fra Hughes In 1921 under threat of immediate and terrible war, Ireland was partitioned against the wishes of the majority of the people on the island. The treaty was signed on December 6 1921. Britain might have been forced out of 26 counties but they were keeping a foothold on Irish soil by proxy, […]

Declaration of Solidarity with Cuba, Cuban Culture and the Cuban Revolution

A statement of solidarity with Cuba, its culture and its people from the Irish Chapter of the Network in Defence of Humanity (REDH). We are glad to join others around the world in rejecting an imperialist-funded misinformation campaign seeking to instigate boycotts of genuine Cuban culture. We would encourage all artists, writers, musicians, intellectuals, members […]

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