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New edition of venezuela reports

Venezuela Reports, Weekly Newsletter 23 July 2021: Featuring a denunciation of imperialist aggression against Venezuela and across the region by President Maduro, solidarity between Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, and Sacha Llorenti, Executive Secretary of ALBA-TCP, on the structures of revolutionary unity across the Americas defending the peoples of the continent from imperialism. Plus an account […]

PCOA declaration of solidarity with cuba

Amidst new forms of aggression against sovereign peoples, the workers of the world stand up in the face of imperialist attacks. From the General Commission of the Platform of the Anti-imperialist Working Class (PCOA), we denounce before the world the new actions promoted by the Government of the United States against the people of Cuba. […]

Humanitarian cynicism

By René González Sehwerert In this article René González, one of the Cuban Five Heroes, reflects upon his time undercover in the 90s protecting his people, and draws parallels between the Special Period in the mid-1990s and the ‘Brothers to the Rescue’ group, and the current imperialist aggressions against Cuba using ‘humanitarianism’ as a hypocritical […]

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