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Eritrea: Rebel Impressions and Beautiful Reflections

By Alex Anfruns Asmara has the discreet charm of an ancient colonial city whose memory, sealed behind its rationalist-style facades, can erupt into a fortuitous conversation with an old man who addresses the visitor in perfect Italian. The informal sale of old coins and old books is only an excuse to offer us the treasure […]

In Defence of Sandinista Nicaragua

By Aidrean Ó Gallchobhair For Irish Republicans our struggle is about national independence, ending exploitation and building equality. To us it is a dream yet to be realised, however in some countries it has become a reality. Most of us are aware of the achievements of the Cuban revolution and what national liberation trulylooks like […]

Divide and Conquer – It’s the Imperialist Way

By Fra Hughes How is the US deliberately attempting to provoke civil wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon? IRAQ When America, Britain, and the coalition of the greedy decided to crush Iraq under a barrage of bombs, cruise missiles, and multiple munitions, in its campaign of Shock and Awe to destroy Iraq, it was only […]

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