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The Virus of Hunger: Capitalism’s Seal and Brand

By Pasqualina Curcio During the approximate 10 minutes it will take you to read this article, 110 people will have died of hunger in the world, which equates to a daily rate of 15,840 human beings, or nearly 6 million per year, according to Oxfam estimates. Imagine going to bed at night without having anything […]

PCOA statement of solidarity with workers in colombia

The Antiimperialist Working Class Platform (PCOA: La Plataforma de La Clase Obrera Antiimperialista) issues the following statement calling on all workers organisations, movements, unions and parties of the world to show urgent solidarity with comrades in Colombia who are currently on hunger strike in protest against the aggressions of their employers. These workers are part […]

Ireland: Home of the renters

By Fra Hughes Vulture funds In Ireland today, in both the South and increasingly now in the North, the cost of renting a place to live is becoming prohibitive. In an unregulated, market led, free for all housing sector, the price of owning your own home is sky rocketing in parallel with the cost of […]

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