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Ecuador in Revolt: An Interview with Irene León

By José Ernesto Navaez Guerrero The current situation in Ecuador has numerous interconnections with the country’s recent past and with what is happening on a regional scale. Once again, Latin America is the scene of a fierce dispute where, beyond the many nuances that can be attributed to any heterogeneous social process, the guiding framework is […]

ALBA and Nicaragua – defending solidarity in a divided world

By Stephen Sefton Controversy has dogged this June’s United States government organized Summit of the Americas. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela had already given up on the OAS, seriously damaging the credibility of the Organization of American States as a trustworthy hemispheric forum for the countries North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. However many countries […]

Venezuela Versus Empire: The work of Pasqualina Curcio Curcio

By Aaron Kelly In her excellent contribution to events organised by Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) in the run up to the mass municipal and regional elections on Sunday 21 November 2021, the renowned, anti-imperialist economist Pasqualina Curcio Curcio lucidly and meticulously dissected the full range of measures by which the United States, and the […]

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