An Interview with Elizabeth Ribalta, ICAP: Cuban Internationalism & Solidarity

Aaron Kelly, Coordinator of the Irish Chapter of the Network in Defence of Humanity (REDH), speaks with Elizabeth Ribalta from ICAP, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, about Cuban internationalism, the blockade and the hybrid warfare waged against the Cuban people by US imperialism, and the necessity of solidarity and resistance in building a better world. The interview took place at Áras Úi Chonghaile in Belfast: thanks to all the staff there and to Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland. Go Raibh Maith Agaibh! Muchas gracias a todos!

El Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP), the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples was formed in 1960 as a means of communicating the truth about the Revolution and of building solidarity and sharing the project of human emancipation and anti-imperialism. Elizabeth discusses ICAP and Cuba’s humanitarian internationalism, the current dire impact of the US blockade upon Cuban society, and her hopes for increasing cooperation and internationalism amongst the peoples of the world to create a more just and equitable world.

Given that Ireland has been on the receiving end of an empire just off its shores seeking to use hunger as a weapon of war, it is vital that Irish people stand up and help lead the international campaign against the illegal, coercive measures inflicted by the US government upon the Cuban people which are designed to try and starve them into submission. The effects of the blockade seek to create a politically and economically-engineered catastrophe and should be resisted by all decent people. The blockade is causing food shortages and tries to deny Cubans access to basic necessities, including medicines. For more information on how you can help the solidarity movement in Ireland and assist with the delivery of much needed medical supplies, please visit the Cuba Solidarity Forum Ireland website:

Elizabeth Ribalta (ICAP) & Aaron Kelly (REDH) at Áras Úi Chonghaile with the Irish artist Jim FitzPatrick’s famous portrait of Che Guevara Lynch