PCOA declaration of solidarity with cuba

Statement on behalf of The Platform of the Anti-Imperialist Working Class (PCOA)

Amidst new forms of aggression against sovereign peoples, the workers of the world stand up in the face of imperialist attacks.

From the General Commission of the Platform of the Anti-imperialist Working Class (PCOA), we denounce before the world the new actions promoted by the Government of the United States against the people of Cuba.

Imperialism, through its lackeys, tried to implement its playbook of destabilization in Cuba, but it is receiving a forceful response from the brave Cuban people, who took to the  streets in the defence of their  sovereignty and in  repudiation of  these targeted actions. However, social media companies and communication corporations continue to promote a campaign of protests aimed at promoting new measures of aggression, boycott, blockade and even military invasion against an undefeated people who have endured more than 60 years of a blockade against humanity.

Despite this, Cuban workers demonstrate their capacity and commitment to the world, THEY DO NOT YIELD!!!, and carry on a Revolution that has shown consistently strong progress in the fight against COVID-19, exposing the inefficiency of Neoliberalism and its Governments.

It is clear, that the Working Class knows that Imperialism is historically responsible for the current crises that the peoples of the world are experiencing. Therefore, we invite the workers of the world to reject in social media, on the streets and and on the walls this new excursion of Imperialism in Latin America, which tries to disturb the progress of the peoples.

We remind the world that this month, imperialism has carried out the assassination of the President of Haiti, activated paramilitary gangs in Venezuela and promoted demonstrations in Cuba.

For this reason, we ratify  our  solidarity and comradeship to the  Revolutionary People of Cuba and especially to our brothers and sisters of the Central de  Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC).


¡¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!

PCOA, Caracas, Venezuela, 11 July 2021