The Irish Chapter of the Network in Defence of Humanity is glad to join the rest of the international secretariat in signing this message of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Our internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people

We send our fraternal embrace to those who resist in the streets of Jerusalem, in the West Bank, Gaza, and the territories of 1948. We send our fraternal embrace to the prisoners, martyrs, wounded, refugees, children, youth, women and men, to all, who in resistance fight the Zionist oppression and give a lesson of humanity and love for the homeland.

People who give the example of heroic struggle to earn their independence, sovereignty and freedom.

In the middle of Ramadan, the army of the Zionist settlers, supported and escorted by the colonial army, tried to confiscate the houses of the Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah and put them like the 7 million refugees, to appropriate them, which caused a general uprising of the people in their defense and the defense of their capital city, putting the Palestinian cause back on the international political agenda, against imperialism that pretends to forget it, under the farce that they called the Agreement of the century.

This 3rd Palestinian Intifada, against what is already called the 2nd Nakba, when the 15th marks the 73rd anniversary of the first massive expulsion, counts on the unity of the entire people in the streets in compliance with the right granted by all international organizations, to defend themselves against the neocolonial oppressor. Those who for 73 years have been trying to settle their colonies in that land.  They are part of the enemy group of the agreements which the world reached to guarantee peace.

The Palestinian rebellion represents the free world, each and every one of the people on an equal footing.

The martyrs, dead, wounded, persecuted, children, women, men of Palestine appeal with their resistance, to conscience and organization, and to the intervention that stops the criminal hands of the Zionist genocide. Stop the war crime, the crime against humanity, and that those responsible be brought before the International Criminal Court.

The bombardments against cities, civilian population, against agricultural fields, the blockade of the 2 million Gaza population so that they die of hunger and thirst, that they have no shelter, no medicine, show the true essence of the Zionists.

The United Nations (UN) and other international organizations must stop the absurd argument of an irrational and false equation between perpetrator and victim. It is time to put aside the hypocrisy of the so-called “free” world to get rid of the pseudo-rhetoric and for the international community to take responsibility to condemn and put an end to the political, social and criminal apartheid of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

REDH calls for the unity of organizations and popular movement worldwide, in constant support of the Palestinian people against the greatest enemy of peace in our days, Zionism and imperialism.

We express our militant solidarity with Palestine, with its people in struggle, for the return to their land; against the blockade, for their independence, sovereignty and freedom.

 Jerusalem, eternal capital of Palestine.